SINCE 1909





「SAKE MIZUHASHI」は本物だけに拘った日本のお酒のセレクトショップです。

Established in 1909 by Tohkichi Mizuhashi, YAMAYA liquor shop started selling alcoholic beverages in Azabu Ichibei-cho 2-chome (which is now around Roppongi 3-chome). This was the beginning of our history.

Introducing the admirableness of sake, we have a colorful selection from the breweries all over Japan. Through direct communications with those breweries and understanding their philosophy and pride for making good sake, it’s our honor to deliver the best sake with its story to each and every customer.
SAKE MIZUHASHI is a shop with authentic selection of sake (nihonshu, shochu, wine, whiskey and other liquors) made in Japan.